We are a cooperation of farms and small producers from Teltow-Fläming with different projects aiming to rejuvenate village life.

We grow organic food using permaculture principles and produce handmade wines, liqueurs, jams, soups, juices and pickled vegetables. We host company offsites, flea markets, farm tours, weekend retreats, workshops, and theatre and music evenings. We also provide space for events and personal projects, including overnight accommodation in a tiny house.

You can visit us personally in the lovely bistro cafe Zum Käperling where many of our products are made, right by the famous Fläming Skate path.

About us

Artur + Thanh
Datscha Fröhden

Datscha Fröhden is the project of Artur and Thanh. Since moving from Berlin to the countryside, they’ve hosted chess and permaculture weekends, music and theatre evenings and murder mystery parties at their small farmhouse. They grow fruit and vegetables following permaculture principles.

Zum Käperling

An eye doctor by trade, Manulita dedicates her off time to her garden. In her cafe in Fröhden you can find all the different varieties of jams, wines, liqueurs and pickled products, all handmade herself from the fruits and vegetables of her garden.


Offsite Meetings

Looking for a quiet place outside Berlin, to gather as a team and discuss strategy and ideas? We can host teams of up to 30. With large rooms, and various outdoor undercover spaces, we have the space for your team to unwind and recharge from city life. We can also provide healthy seasonal meals, direct from our garden.

Chess Weekend

Every year Datscha Fröhden organises a chess weekend for all lovers of the game. Chess lovers of any level spend time playing games in the garden, watching related movies and documentaries and eating home grown food.

Flämingo Boxes

We offer boxes full of jams, liqueurs, soups, pickled products and juices. Everything has been made by hand, out of fruit and vegetables all organically grown in our beautiful village. We currently have three different sized boxes, but can also adjust the boxes according to your wishes and budget. These boxes are perfect for every occasion, whether you are looking for a birthday present for a friend, a welcome gift for your new employees or simply want to stock up on delicious food.

Small: 36 euros
4 jams/chutneys + 1 jar of pickled veg + 1 liqueur

Medium: 52 euros
5 jams/chutneys + 2 pickled veg or soup + 2 liqueurs

Large: 70 euros
6 jams/chutneys + 2 pickled veg or soup + 2 liqueurs + 1 wine